I was once compared to a satanic chipmunk on crack. I’m actually not really sure what that would look like, but I assume it has something to do with the endorphin high I get after a long run.

I grew up off the grid with candle light dinners and late night outhouse trips on a hill in the middle of West Virginia, and no it’s not anywhere near Richmond. Getting to school was a feat, we faced the mile and a half journey the school bus stop, uphill each way, my first running goal was to make it to the top of our hill without walking.

I now manage events and consumer engagement for a hydration brand here in Seattle, WA. I have been fortunate find some balance in working in the city and training in the cascades. The places I run need to inspire me, I’m drawn to the challenge of the unknown the potential for discomfort, and the rush that comes with achievement.

It’s been a few years since then I accomplished the first goal. I think of that hill every time I start a new climb.  Massi Mushki as the Moroccans might put it “no sweat.”



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