DIY $15 Fairing

3000 miles down, 8k+ to go. This van was no cat purring it’s way across I-90 like a bat mobile in stealth mode. Manual crank windows, non-adjustable seats, and zero-cruise control.  Zero to sixty in 420 seconds, this baby can roll with the best of them, but boy is it noisy.

We wandered through DIY forums, youtube videos, and Instagram inspiration, and a mid-day hottt date with the Salt Lake City Home Depot parking lot.  We ended up with a sheet of sheet of 24×36 black corrugated vinyl a utility knife, screw driver (for making holes) and a 7-8 zip ties.

It is the sound of silence.  Whispering byat 70+ mph.


What he did:

Buck cut the vinyl in half (2 x 12×36″ sections)
Made cut-outs for our solar panel mounting tubes
Over lap and zip-tied the vinyl together to fit the width of our roof rack.
Zip-tied the whole thing to the front bar at an angle so it was just higher than the rack.



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