Public Lands, how I love thee.

I convinced a body building protein eating machine to play the endurance junky game for a couple days; hike in Lassen Volcanic National Park, Mountain Bike in Truckee, and play in Lake Tahoe.

Truckee,  I love the name of this place, so fun to say.  Truckee, Truckee, Truckeeeeeee!

I did a little digging on Trail Forks and located what looked to be a beginner/intermediate adventure. Sawtooth trail, a 10ish mile lollipop loop just out of town. For the first time ever I was the more experienced mountain biker.

We both survived, although, I don’t know if Yousuf will want to play again anytime soon. 

2C4A9867You are #winningatlife the moment you turn up a random fire road and find yourself at the top of a mountain pass to find the perfect camp spot and no one else is there.  Tents, campers, hammocks, conversions vans, filled the lake side campgrounds.  $20-40 dollars a night to be sardined next to a herd of your nearest and dearest strangers. We opted to keep driving and found a free night of epic sunsets in solitude.

IMG_1606IMG_1613Fruit, grain-free pancakes, and eggs, the perfect kick-off to any mountain run.

IMG_1665Barker Pass was one of those places. As it happened we were right next to the entrance to a section of the PCT and Tahoe Rim Trail.  A 16 mile section of trail winding its way down to Tahoe City. Yousuf confidently opted to champion the shuttle, driving down and picking me up at the bottom.



I promptly proceeded from trails end straight into Lake Tahoe, shoes, hat, and all.

PROTIP: Find solid directions for the exit of the TRT, I missed the turn and ended up in a neighborhood.  Whoops!



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