Tourist or Traveler?

I bought a van
I bought a map
We talked of adventure
I sold a van
We bought a bigger van
We committed to the dream
I quit my job…

#themountainsarecalling #vanlife

FullSizeRender 3

This is the first time in my life I have ventured forward without a plan.  Yes, we have a map, we imagined the places we’d go, but there is no real “plan,” there is no pressing deadline, there is no time clock. The wise lady Neil posed the question “Are you a traveler or a tourist?”  

A tourist is one who plans a trip, checks off the tick list, gets to the finish line or rather the destination, the goal.  A traveler is one who allows fluidity, embraces the journey, is not seeking the specificity of the destination, and thrives in the experience of the moment.

I envision myself as a stream of conscious life being answering to the whims of opportunity as they come along when they are meant to.  But alas, I am a planner,  I thrive on the goal, I have made my career through logistics, efficiency, planning, process defining successes. I accept this new challenge.

I want to be a traveler.

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