“on your left”

Mt. Si, this peak overlooks the town of North Bend, a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Seattle and a perfect place to run…UP. 4 miles is a seemingly non-threatening distance…until you are staring at 3700+ feet of elevation gain only to turn around and backtrack down the same 4 miles.

I would like to send a special thank you out into the world for those individuals who politely stepped off the trail as I attacked the trail. I trudged up the last steep incline to the summit viewpoint that overlooked the valley drowned out by a thick fog, paused for a moment, turned, hopped, skipped, stumbled, skidded, and ran back down. I passed by all the lovely individuals who had so graciously given way on my ascent and who again stepped aside as I fluttered past their “way to go’s,” and “nice job’s.”

We shared a moment, a trail, an experience, and an accomplishment. So thank you all for sharing your time on Si, with me.


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