Hitch in the Giddy-Up

The leaves were turning, the weather was perfect with a light cooling mist washing away the heat of the summer.  A twinge, a tightness, ignored in the ecstasy of freedom on the trail.  My non-medical diagnosis, I’d been sitting in the car to long and just needed to stretch a bit more, and clearly just … Continue reading Hitch in the Giddy-Up


Ode to “Go”

At our farm in West Virginia, my dad built the “throne room.”  He felt that business, if conducted outside, should be accomplished with a spectacular view in every direction. One could take their private meetings by sun, shower, or star.  Our trip so far has offered a varietal of "business" opportunities. Some more promising than … Continue reading Ode to “Go”

Aloha, Aloha

As I said hello again to Buck for the next segment of our journey, we said goodbye in style to Yousuf and Stephanie with one last adventure in California. A hike into Lake Aloha, a teal blue oasis amid the peaks still capped in summer snow, was a perfect send off. We stopped briefly at … Continue reading Aloha, Aloha

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Yousuf and I made our way through the devastated remains show signs of renewed life.  We found the Broke-off mountain trail provided enough challenge to satiate my daily  adventure goal with a magnificent view of Lassen Peak proper at its summit. A photo reflection.


Bug, age unknown, was tragically lost on highway I90 this past month. Though its' passing was sudden and unanticipated, death was instant. Bug was survived by millions of siblings, both parents were lost only moments before in similar circumstances. The family of the decedent may soon follow their ancestors fate in future vehicular encounters. Bug … Continue reading Obituary


Buck flew to San Diego I enjoy rolling solo. I enjoy being on my own schedule, I enjoy doing random things. I enjoy chasing my own adventures. I DO NOT enjoy driving. .... Mission: convince Yousuf to take a 4 hour late night greyhound bus and meet me in Redding for more adventures.